Our new visual identity

Like humans, companies change over time. What started out as a pure technology implementation firm has evolved into a firm that exist first and foremost to solve problems for people and organizations – regardless of technology.


Same Avo. New Identity

Although we have matured since the establishment in 2016, our mission stays the same. “To help organizations close the technology gap so that people can be happier and more human”. We’re all about creating change and spreading happiness, which is shown in its purest form in the new logo. This is what we believe in, how we perceive ourselves and who we want to be: A trusting and friendly partner that provides effective solutions to big changes. Easy peasy.

Our new visual identity has been designed to communicate our dedication to help organizations become more human and their people happier. Although the visual aspect of Avo is changing, other aspects – like our commitment to hiring and developing exceptional people, our passion for technology and problem solving, and our ability to make change easier for our clients – will always stay the same.


Our Main Logos

Our name is refined, and logo reshaped with a new typeface that is warmer in its shapes. As it may be difficult to know whether AVO is an acronym or a proper noun, we decided to shift from all capital letters to initial capital letter only.

The main logo for Avo is uncomplicated in its form. However, our logo is a living organism, and therefore best fulfilled when played with. It embodies a set of attitudes and emotions built as a typeface that contains 50 different symbols; letters and Avodings.

Logo both versjon1_ny
Logo both avodings_ny


Our new typeface is called Neue Haas Unica. Its letterforms are intentionally more welcoming and warm in its shapes, helping our identity shine through.


Primary and Secondary Colors

Avo is a colorful brand, and now our colors are too. The primary palette is warm, friendly and energetic. Our secondary palette is highly used to stand as contrasts, creating interesting and visually striking images.

Avo colours

Bringing it all together

Our new profile is created to help us stand out and communicate our main mission: that we are problem solves who helps organizations close the technology gap, so that make people happier and more human.

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