Channel Strategy

  • Duration
    1 day
  • Location
    Oslo, Bergen or virtual
  • Participants
  • Prerequisite
  • Language(s)
    Norwegian or English
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Make sure you solve the right problem in the right channel

You might receive customer inquiries on phone, email, forms, social media, chat - and now Virtual Assistant? How to make sure you solve these in the right channel? What type of inquiries do you want to receive in the various channels? Is there any type of inquiries that should preferably be resolved by the Virtual Assistant while others should be solved by phone?

In order to create a good customer experience, it is important to see these channels relative to each other and to solve the right problem in the right channel.

  • How to see Virtual Assistants in the context of existing channels
  • Introduction to methodically work with existing or future channel strategy
  • Get introduced to digital tools that can help you solve the right problem in the right channel
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Kjell Olav Hauge
Manager / Head of Conversational AI