Conversation Design

  • Duration
    1 day
  • Location
    Oslo, Bergen or virtual
  • Participants
  • Prerequisite
  • Language(s)
    Norwegian or English
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How to use language to design a great conversation?

It is an art to teach a Virtual Assistant to understand the users. Another part is to give satisfactory answers to the users - that's what this course is about.

What is important to think about to ensure good communication? Which components are part of the overall user experience? You will learn how to establish a "Tone of Voice", A / B testing, and how to ensure clear and active language. You will also be introduced to what we believe is best practice when communicating through Virtual Assistants.

  • Introduction to the main components of the Virtual Assistant user experience
  • Introduction to best practices and principles for good communication
  • Through case and assignments, participants get to practice what they learn in the course.
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Kjell Olav Hauge
Manager / Head of Conversational AI