Project ownership of agile projects

  • Duration
    Half day
  • Location
    Oslo, Bergen or virtual
  • Participants
    Max 20 people
  • Prerequisite
  • Language(s)
    Norwegian or English


From a leadership perspective; how do you most effectively organize and steer agile improvement projects for the realization of strategic priorities, goals and benefits?

This course teaches you how to manage a portfolio of agile projects. You will learn how agile and user-focused projects can be used as a driver for change and produce new and better solutions through continuous iteration, learning, and adaption.

Through practical examples, relevant cases, theory, and exercises the course provides understanding and insight into:

  • How to ensure sufficient structure and resources in a project, to effectively solve high-priority problems
  • How project owners and project managers can interact and collaborate to ensure effective use of resources and great project outcome
  • How to use design thinking and agile mindset and principles to identify, define, prioritize and solve the right problems
  • How to work agile and iteratively to drive change and new solutions by continuously delivering, learning and adapting
  • Why and how change management is essential to ensure real benefits realization in the organization

The course is for project owners, leaders, and sponsors who want to learn more about how to structure and lead agile improvement projects in order to meet the strategic goals of the organization and realize strategic benefits from their projects.