How to solve the right problem

  • Duration
    Half day
  • Location
    Oslo, Bergen or virtual
  • Participants
    Max 50 people
  • Prerequisite
  • Language(s)
    Norwegian or English

How to find and solve the right problems – quickly and cheaply

Very often we make assumptions when solving problems. Assumptions of what the problem is, and assumptions of what the solution should look like. Don't get us wrong; assumptions can be useful, but not unless they're based on a deep understanding of real needs of real people.

What if there was a way to get quick answers and reduce risk, preventing us from making the wrong solutions based on the wrong assumptions? Luckily there is!

Design Thinking offers a mindset, a process and a toolbox for solving problems. It is based on gaining a deep understanding of user or customer needs, and testing solutions and assumptions quickly through rapid prototyping.

It's not rocket science, but it requires a shift in mindset and priorities. If you join us on this learning journey, you will acquire methods to better understand the needs of your users and customers. You will also learn how to apply those techniques to turn needs into solutions.

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