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The software delivery industry is the most manual industry in the world. Low-code is about applying automation to software delivery.

Barriers to successful digital transformation

Today, businesses are faced with several barriers to successful digital transformation. Project backlogs are growing, the pressure to innovate quickly increases and the resources are scares and costly, to mention some. At the same time these barriers only grow in compliance to the increasing complexity of this field, with more apps, platforms, data, tech, and a general higher rate of change.

With this increasing complexity and growing internal and external demands for digital transformation we want to help you know how to maneuver these waters successfully. This is why we want you to know about low-code.

Even though software development is done through computers, it has always been a highly manual industry. Low-code is disrupting this reality as it brings real automation to the software delivery industry.

Low-code – the easy way to develop web or mobile apps

Simply put, low-code is the process of dragging and dropping visual blocks of existing code into a workflow to create applications. Low-code can therefore completely replace the traditional method of hand-coding entire apps. Skilled developers can work smarter, faster and not get tied up with repetitive coding. Instead, they can focus on creating the 10 percent of an application that makes the difference.

The future is low-code

Analysis’ from both Gartner and Forrester anticipate the low-code market to grow rapidly the next years. Their predictions show that low-code application platforms will be responsible for more than 65% of the application development activity by 2024.

The reason for this is quite straight forward; there are many ways for the right application to solve real problems for businesses. The problem of the past was that developing the app was too costly, difficult and time consuming for standard IT-apartments. Low-code changes this by giving you faster and easier ways to develop your applications.

Our new partner OutSystems

As low-code is one of our areas of expertise we are proud to present our partnership with the recognized low-code market leader OutSystems. OutSystems is one of the pioneers in this market and has created a low-code application platform that gives businesses all the tools they need to develop the applications that give them the competitive upper hand.

Use cases for OutSystems

You can differentiate OutSystems use cases into three main sections; digital operations, digital experience and digital core. The operation bit lets you transform your operations by streamlining inefficient manual, and paper-based processes. The experience bit lets you engage your customers through pixel-perfect digital user experiences. And the core bit let you transform large outdated legacy systems to a better, safer and more scalable system that supports growth and rapid change.

The power of mutual understanding

Furthermore, since OutSystems operates in this visual way, app developing can now be understood by people without a deep knowledge of software development. By tearing down the language barriers stakeholders and software developers may now work together iteratively on new applications, making you able to see your business’ challenges as clearly as possible. And as always, the better you understand the problem – the better the solution will fit.

Change it until it works perfect

Another big advantage of OutSystems is how easy it is to make changes. The platform gives you full customizability to create exactly the application you need. And all you need to deploy it, is to push a single button. If you want to change anything post launch, just make the change and push the same button and your app is seamlessly updated. Afterward you can watch the effect with the built inn monitorization function.

Why is it important for you to know this?

Using a low-code platform can have an incredible effect on innovation and a company’s ability to become a digital leader. Being able to quickly deploy, see results, and make changes enables growth. And doing so without relying on a standard IT development process is both flexible, cost effective and gives you the competitive advantage you need to be able to do great things.

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Let’s kick­start your dig­i­tal transformation

Ørjan Stange Bye
Director / Head of LowCode AppDev