Avo Academy - Join the digital transformation

Edda Burheim

Ever since Avo began operations four years ago, learning and development have been a key part of our DNA. Developing businesses by building and developing the people who work there has proved so crucial that we are now launching Avo Academy.

Avo Academy's main principle is to enable people to participate in the digital transformation that is happening in their organization. Whether it's taking on an entirely new role as a robot trainer or learning to work a little differently with their existing tasks.

No matter how much you digitize, it is ultimately human beings who drive the changes. At Avo, we want to contribute by giving people the building blocks they need to meet their future competence requirements.

However, the benefits of learning and education are not only obtained by attending courses. The real learning happens by combining those courses with practical assignments, good discussions, and sharing experiences with others. This is the core of Avo Academy.

In the coming future, we will be launching several new learning modules, but already you can check out Avo Academy and sign up.

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