Coding and cocktails


Low-code is one of the latest tech hypes, and it comes with the promise of simple app development through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional programming. But is the technology as user friendly as advertised? We decided to put it to the test by inviting tech curious friends to develop their own app during an evening at our offices in Bergen and Oslo.

Low-code for dummies

Simply put, low-code is the process of dragging and dropping visual blocks of existing code into a workflow to create applications. Low-code can therefore completely replace the traditional method of hand-coding entire apps. Skilled developers can work smarter, faster and not get tied up with repetitive coding. Instead, they can focus on creating the 10 percent of an application that makes the difference. We have partnered with OutSystems in our mission to close the gap between technology and people.

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"I have never written a line of code before"

The mission for the evening was clear: Is it possible to teach a group of people with little to no coding experience how to develop an app with just an introduction to the OutSystems platform and some guidance from our experts along the way? Some concerns were raised among the participants whether they had the necessary tech skills to be able to pull it off, but after a few minutes of playing around in OutSystems those concerns were gone.

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Apps and cocktails

First, our guests were going to develop a classic to do list app. This task posed no challenge for the participants, so we decided to turn up the heat a little by introducing some extra features. Next exercise was to turn the to-do-list app into an inspiration for cocktails app where you could get suggestions on what to make, a complete instruction guide and send the needed ingredients directly to a shopping list. To develop this, they needed to connect to a cocktail database using API. Some of the guests were unfamiliar with what an API was, but with some help from Eirik and Kjetil, most of them were able to figure it out.

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Mission accomplished

After a few hours, most of them had developed a working to do list/cocktail app. Mission accomplished! But were the participants happy with the evening?

I think the evening has been a great success! Networking, getting early adapter insight and attaining new tools in one’s digital transformation toolbox, is a great combination for these kinds of events. And it’s always useful to learn some new skills.
Participant in Bergen

Others had a quite particular intention with participating at the event

My goal for the evening was to learn some new tech skills that I can show off to my colleagues in IT. I am sure they will be impressed with me after I show them the app at work tomorrow
Participant in Oslo

We were delighted to have so many people attend at both our offices. If you would like to come to other events we are hosting, jump over to our Facebook page for the latest updates on events and other activities.

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Let’s kick­start your dig­i­tal transformation

Ørjan Stange Bye
Partner / Head of Low-Code AppDev