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If code is a high hanging fruit, Low code is, well, the opposite. Ørjan, Carina and Kjetil are building up our new area of business to speed and improve the creation of applications, meeting user needs.

  • Low-code explained

  • • A Low-code development platform (LCDP) is software that provides an environment developers use to create application software through graphical interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

  • • Due to its visual layout, its set of components and minimal hand-coding required, Low-code speeds up the process of application creation.

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We want to enable organizations to focus on what’s important; value creation. Ørjan Stange Bye, Carina Boom and Kjetil Steinstø are building on Avo’s extensive experience in low code process automation and further evolving Avo’s offering to include full stack low code application development, challenging today’s application development practice. By using Low-code, we bring high-level automatization to software delivery.

Up to 90% of everything you need to develop an application is probably made before by someone else, and those people probably had some bright ideas along the way, Kjetil Steinstø explains. –So why not take advantage this?

This is the wizardry of Low-code platforms. Instead of starting from scratch, it allows for the rapid development of applications through dragging and dropping components in a graphic interface. Low-code lets the developer focus on the 10% that actually creates new value, meaning that you can focus on developing distinctive, user experience-oriented products and services, much more efficiently.

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→ Read more about Low-code here.

New team

With teams consisting of both well-seasoned full-stack developers and junior low code-developers; talents from our other service lines; and our partners, we are bringing together expertise and perspectives in teams that are enabled to quickly delver change for improving user experience.

- Personally, I am motivated by helping people and businesses figure out the most efficient and fitting solutions. When it comes to the real needs of people, the Low-code approach can make a significant difference in supporting those needs efficiently from the perspective of both developers and users, Carina says

- The Low-code platform makes development much easier, at the same time as it doesn’t restrict the creative freedom. That frees up time for what’s important — creating truly impactful solutions, Kjetil adds.

Seeing that Low-code both enables business perspectives as well as creative outlets, we’re confident that this technology is an important part of today’s digital problem solving.

- Low-code is a future proof approach to help people and organizations improve and excel their business objectives. I followed Avo and their work for quite some time before joining the team, and I really admire Avo’s agile approach to problem solving, Ørjan says.

We currently have several open positions, both in this team and other teams. Reach out if you’re interested in joining our adventure for solving big and small problems, to make everydays’ better for everyday people.

Still uncertain what this means? Have a look at this outsystems video.

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Ørjan Stange Bye
Director / Head of LowCode AppDev