The Avo Story

We are not merely a consultancy, nor are we just a technology company. Avo simply consists of problem solvers who like to help others perform better through smart use of technology.


Our Why: Closing the Technology Gap

Avo Consulting was founded in 2016 by a couple of guys who realized there was a large gap between the opportunities that exist with technology and how we tend to use it.

The reason is that technology is changing faster than organizations can absorb. The speed of technological change is exponential (Moore’s law still applies), while the speed of adaption is linear. The true key challenge is that people and organizations struggle to take full advantage of the opportunities that arise with emerging technologies. As the gap increases, organizations miss out on opportunities.


Technological change provides an opportunity to let people engage in challenging and meaningful tasks that makes them enjoy showing up in the morning and find purpose in what they do.

What is the future of work? We must ask ourselves: What future do we want to see? How do we build that future of work? In Avo, we believe that we want to see a future where lots of new opportunities are created. Where technology help us remove the mundane, boring tasks from our lives. Where we create organizations that are more human, where people enjoy showing up to work, where we see higher engagement levels.


That is what we are trying to build through the work we are doing together with our clients: Enable them to make a shift in the adoption curve, allowing people to embrace the human side of work – and be happier.


We are pragmatic futurists!

True digital transformation is larger than robots. Technology itself cannot fix bad processes, only perform them faster. Therefore, it may be necessary to change the mindset – digitalisation, after all, is just as much about understanding, improving and standardizing the way we work.

Together with our customers, we create magic every single day, by challenging the established. We are passionate about the opportunities new technology brings, while at the same time trying to distinguish between "hype" and reality. We are pragmatic futurists!

Our goal is to help organizations establish a digital foundation that allows them to respond quickly to the continuous changes that occur in our time. We help our clients to devise strategies and plans for their digital transformation, and we also utilize leading technologies to realize these ambitions.


Avo Manifesto

  • Togetherness

    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. We often become friends with our customers because we love spending time together.
  • Uncomplicated

    The implications of new technologies can be confusing. We make it easy and understandable by removing all the fuzz.
  • Passionate

    With a passionate mindset, we set the goal of always improving the end users’ experience. Making people happier, and more human.
  • Curious

    Learning and experimenting is the only way to evolve. That’s why we keep our curiosity burning.
  • Playful

    Enjoying what you do is a key to success in all aspects of life, including work. Having fun makes your business thrive – trust us, we know.