Conversational AI

As a consumer, how many times have you called or sent an email to customer service, only to wait forever to get your questions answered? More importantly, is this the experience you want your own customers to have?

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Why it makes a difference

Conversational AI is a form of Artificial Intelligence that allows people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in everyday, humanlike natural language via voice, touch or text input. We use the technology to develop intelligent chatbots and voice controlled digital assistants.

With the growing consumer culture of instant gratification and the need for an immediate reply to any question, consumers expectations are higher than ever before. Not only do we expect service 24/7, but we want it to be personalized and specific. At the same time, customer service employees answer tons of the same basic questions about internet connections, invoicing or return policies. They’re getting bored and unmotivated, while at the same time never catching up with the demand.

The emergence of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) technology has begun to shake things up in customer service by meeting the ever-changing expectations of consumers. For end users it allows fast interaction using their own words and terminology, handling slang, dialect and typos. For enterprises it offers a way to build a closer connection with customers through personalized content and receive an unprecedented amount of vital business information in return.

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First of all – what does it mean?

‘Chatbot’ refers to the technology enabling computers to look for certain keywords and respond with predetermined answers to questions. With the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), we are now experiencing chatbots that are able to understand and solve complex problems, ask clarifying questions and provide personalized responses via familiar communication channels. In other words: helping businesses deliver the magical customer experiences consumers both expect and require. This technology, or a chatbot built on sophisticated AI, is referred to as Conversational AI.

Key benefits of Conversational AI

  • Instant reply 24/7

    Instant reply to thousands of customers simultaneously, with no delay
  • Reduced costs

    Reduce the amount of customer service employees or free up their time to focus on more complex inquiries
  • Meet your customers where they are

    Create multi-channel experiences on familiar platforms
  • Personalized answers

    Giving customers personalized answers based on their products and services
  • Consistent answers

    Conversational AI secures that your customers get the right answer every time
  • Collect valuable data

    Collect valuable insights and customer data in order to improve, personalize and increase sales

How can we help?

Avo has helped businesses in a wide range of industries and are one of the most experienced advisors in the Nordics when it comes to utilizing Conversational AI. We help our clients in all matters that might arise when transforming their customer interactions with Conversational AI. This involves everything from defining the overall channel strategy, to implementing, training and deploying their solution to their customers. With hands on experience from many different projects in a wide range of industries, we have developed a generic delivery model for Conversational AI, that secures a robust and user-friendly solution that truly makes a difference for the end user.

Get insights
In order to develop a chatbot or digital assistant that creates real value and solves the right problems, you need to have insights into your end-user needs and align these to your overall strategy.

Based on the insights and analysis, the project mandate is defined in order to work on the prioritized issues and proposed solution.

Map and prioritize
Mapping of inquiries is carried out throughout workshops, interviews and data analysis, ensuring clear priorities and an effective development process.

Design and develop
This phase includes development of the digital assistant's understanding and conversational flow (answers/API). Testing and error correction are performed continuously.

User testing
User testing secures that the solution meets the customer needs. The testing method is adjusted to the organizational and end user preferences.

Deployment of the solution into production is about making the digital assistant available to the end users as well as early life support.

CAI Delivery Model

How can Conversational AI create exceptional customer experiences? We have done it before and know how to bring the uniqueness of different companies into personalized solutions. We focus on customer satisfaction, which is best achieved through close cooperation throughout all phases of a project.

Let’s kick­start your dig­i­tal transformation