Low-Code App Development

Development and use of applications made on a Low-code platform is a great way to optimize the time spent on what is most important to you as a company.

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Web or mobile applications developed with Low-code are designed to take any menial, time-consuming tasks away from you and automate it. Filling in forms by hand, processing spreadsheets or sending regular emails is in the past, and automated business processes can be prioritized.

Whether it is a completely new system that you are after, or an extension or rebuilding of an aging core system, low-code platforms supports it all and provide integration with all integrable systems, most often through API’s or database connections. If there is a need to install a system locally, in the cloud, internal or public, flexibility is key. At Avo we cooperate with our preferred partners, who are carefully selected to solve every problem.

Not only is the use of these applications time-efficient, developing them is agile and fast. Low-code platforms apply and automate the same technologies to take time-consuming tasks away from the developers, to let them focus on helping the business improve instead. Where traditional software delivery is expensive, slow and hard to change. A low-code platform is fast, visual and dynamic. This is also why the low-code market is growing, and according to Forrester Research, it will have a compound annual growth rate of 40 %. In other words: Low-code will be essential for being competitive in the years ahead.

Avo help organizations perform better through smart use of technology. What better way to evolve in the market than to make use of your time as efficiently as possible?

Ørjan Stange Bye
Partner / Head of Low-Code AppDev