Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become one of the biggest buzzwords these days. Business leaders can’t stop talking about it, and news headlines incessantly chronicle the buzz around it. To many people, it still remains a vague concept. However, don’t let that fool you.


Not simply a hype

Artificial intelligence (AI) is real and revolutionary, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities surrounding the technology. As a business leader, you know you can’t ignore it. On the other hand: How can you cut through the hype, and use this technology to create real value? Computers thinking like humans with more or less realistic prophecies of world domination (or extermination) is triggering. A little science fiction-esque, perhaps? We are here to help you break down what’s behind the buzzword, and to help you use it to create real business value.


How do we make sure you succeed?

Artificial intelligence is a term with many definitions. In Avo, we define it as systems that seem intelligent because of their ability to solve tasks usually requiring human intelligence. In the end, using Data Analytics & AI in business is about making better, faster data driven decisions. So: How do we work with it?

As with any new technology, working with AI implies some uncertainty about feasibility of the case you want to realize. It requires cross-functional team cooperation and knowledge that often can only be gained through experience. While working with our customers, Avo has developed a due diligence process that will help ensure that you invest in cases with high possibility of succeeding, as well as providing you with a work methodology which you can adopt in your organization.

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We start with Due Diligence

  • Business Diligence

    First we make sure that the case you want to realize supports your business goals and the strategy of the company, as this is crucial for organizational buy-in and adoption of your solution. We set common goals that can be measured and design a solution to ensure it solves a problem for the end user, whether it is your employees or customers. We do this together with your business team and the subject matter experts for the area of work.
  • Technical Diligence

    Once the business case is clear, we check that it is technologically possible. We evaluate the state of the data needed to realize the case, as well as the infrastructure and competence needed for developing the solution.
  • Legal & Ethical Diligence

    Way too many initiatives are shut down due to late Compliance involvement. Making sure your case is both legally compliant and ethical will make sure your company creates the digital trust with your customers – a critical factor for sustainable competitive advantage in the future.

Development and adoption

Once the due diligence is clear, we start building the solution. We use statistical analysis, mathematical models, data mining and machine learning to uncover valuable knowledge hidden in your data. We turn this knowledge into decision support. Decision support can take a variety of forms, from insight in planning tools to helping you optimize your business and understand the impact your decisions may have on the future.

The tools we use include Azure Machine Learning Studio, Python, Jupyter, Pandas, Sklearn, Keras and Tensorflow, as well as Power BI and other visualization tools. Finally, we make sure that the tools you develop are adopted by the users. In the end, your algorithms will only generate value when they become a part of the business process.

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Best in class

Through cooperation with our hand-picked partners we can cover all the needs that might arise during a Data Analytics & AI initiative. This gives you flexibility to scope a project that will cover your needs, given the team and competence you already have in place.

Knowledge development

In our projects, we work closely in teams with our customers. Combining strengths, knowledge and personal qualities will:

  • Make sure the solution solves a problem in a way that creates business value.
  • Give employees in-depth knowledge about operations and solutions, which is much more motivating and fun.
  • Increase the company’s robustness toward future changes and decisions.

Avo Academy has lots of experience when it comes to sharing knowledge with our customers. We run courses and conduct Data Analytics & AI related training directed at employees of all levels. More knowledge means it will be easier to understand technological potential and identify possibilities for your company.

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Want to learn more?

Avo has worked with a variety of customers in different industries, ranging from banking to real estate. Each company is unique, and they all differ in size, maturity and strategic focus. Our experience is that, no matter what story a company has, there is always potential for creating value by applying intelligent technology to its data.

Please contact us for a chat about how we can assist you on your digital journey.

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