Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is all about enabling your organization to deliver better on customer and employee needs. We help companies transform and improve their value proposition, apply new and available technologies to adapt to the business opportunities of the future.


We deliver on needs

We know that real digital transformation is bigger than robots. Technology itself cannot fix bad processes, only perform them faster. At the same time, nothing is not about technology, and everything is about people. Together with our customers, we create some magic every single day by challenging the established and keeping a laser sharp focus on customer and employee needs. We are passionate about the opportunities new technologies and creative thoughts bring. We distinguish between hype and reality, and help organizations chose the right tools for the right job. We focus on creating value.


Is your company future-proof?

Change for the better does not always need to imply transformation – it can also be incremental steps in the right direction. Change for the better does not even need to be to innovative. Sometimes the best changes come from thinking just a little bit different. However, these days, continuous change is the new rule:

  • What is possible today, was not always yesterday

  • The fabled future is already here, and the fast will beat the slow

  • The pace of change is quick, and your customers’ and employees’ expectations are ever-increasing

  • The average attention span is shrinking, as we are exposed to more and more options and information

  • Your company now faces a borderless market and competition, and unless you stay up to speed, your risk losing both customers and employees

  • With a blurry and boundless landscape of opportunities, risks and growing uncertainties, the seeming complexity of change can be numbing

  • Most companies are also experiencing massive backlogs that eat available resources, and they have no time to improve or innovate

  • All this, combined with historical and technical debt, can cripple the will, the culture and the capacity to change.

In the face of these challenges, the question arises: Is your company future proof in the eyes of your customers and employees?

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Let's see what's possible - today

Avo has a passion for exploring how digital transformation, improvement and innovation can enable more value creation. We are working closely with the world-leading technology providers to expand the digital space of opportunity. We can assist you on your digital journey and take on different roles ranging from strategic digital leadership, technology experts and problem solvers to culture builders, project and change managers and implementation support. We shape our role and support based on what you need to succeed in your digital change initiatives.

As we often say: There is no need to wait on the fabled future. Instead, let’s see what is possible through employing ground-breaking technology and the customer insight available today. Examples of what we are working on to enable digital transformation:

  • Digital road map

    Set your organization on the right track for digital transformation, at a pace that responds to customer needs and establishes a great place to work. Avo helps organizations take the leap from words into the right actions. We have a deep knowledge and experience in how digital strategic change initiatives interact and interdepend. We know the importance of focusing on the people. We are our clients’ digital strategic partner.
  • Digital maturity assessment

    Most organizations are already heavily engaged in working with digital transformation, innovation and improvement. As one of the most specialized companies within digital transformation in the Nordics, Avo is often engaged in helping clients professionalize their digitization initiatives and realize more value.
  • Customer journey transformation

    Today, more than ever, you need to maximize the value of each contact point with your customers. Avo has expert knowledge and experience in how user-centric design, technologies, innovation and process improvement can be combined to transform your customer journey. We enable organizations to respond quicker, more effectively and more innovatively to what the customers actually need, and to be there for their future needs.
  • Employee engagement

    Enable your people, culture and organization to embrace change, creativity, improvement and innovation. Avo support organizations in their effort to build a great and effective work environment that makes people happy, using the latest knowledge about how technology can increase value creation and cooperation.
  • Avo Academy

    Build skills and competences within improvement, innovation and technology. Avo offers a module-based program in a range of competencies and skills to help organizations build the knowledge needed to succeed with digital transformation.

We invite you to join us in exploring what could be achieved through use of the right technologies, with the right people and the right mindset.

Let’s kick­start your dig­i­tal transformation